Who are we?

A team of experienced IT engineers. We were founded in Ireland in 2010, and in 2014 we opened our office in Australia.

Since then we've helped more than a hundred companies to solve their IT problems, and we also work together with Sydney Train, Channel 9 and Metricon.

Our team consists of first-class, experienced IT engineers.


Specialised in cross-platform mobile app development. One codebase, two platforms: Android and iOS.

We also offer custom software development, hybrid or native app development, consulting, support, software re-design, and software optimisation.

We can help with business workflow optimisation, development process setup, and DevOps service.

100% Aussie team! First-class service, affordable price! Saving on time saves you money!

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We created the Mobezy® platform with open registration and API to help develop your own solutions in days!

We developed the QuickMe® app, which has more than 15k live users. www.quickme.com.au

We developed the 1Click.Cafe® platform where you can order from your closest cafe through your mobile without registration and, if it's a recurring order, by using just one click! www.1click.cafe


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